First Time Crock Pot User – Chili

Crock Pot Chili

The finished product

I was watching Food Network with my boyfriend – well I was watching and he happened to be sitting in the same room – and Melissa D’Arabian’s burrito bowl recipe came on the screen.  He asked me if I would make that for him.  I told him I would, but there was one main problem – “I do not own the primary tool used for the recipe, a crock pot.”  Luckily I have an amazing, and generous, boyfriend who immediately fired up his Amazon app and ordered me my very own crock pot.  Thanks Brent!

I’m not from the South.  The only time I had ever heard of a crock pot in my life was from watching the Ramona series as a kid (there is an episode where her mom forgets to set the crock pot or something and it ruins her day.)  Maybe Northern people also use crock pots regularly, but none that I’ve ever encountered in the past 25 years ever have.  That being said, I was a bit nervous to use my new purchase on a semi-complicated recipe for it’s maiden voyage.  That is where my chili idea came from.  It is really difficult to mess up chili, no matter what your method so I figured it was a good place to start.

I had a hard time finding a recipe from a site I thought was credible.  For some reason most of the crock pot recipes sites out there look like they were built using Angelfire in 1996.  I’m sure that some of the recipes on those sites are just fine, but its my feeling that if you think your horribly designed website looks acceptable, then I’m not really sure I trust your taste – in food, or otherwise.  So it took some digging before I found this chili recipe from Savour Fare and was able to get started.  I don’t want to steal this person’s recipe so if you want the exact ingredient break down click the link.  I did modify the seasoning a bit because I didn’t have ancho chili powder.  Also, I added a can of corn to the mix because I like corn in my chili.

Six Hours on High

I cooked my chili on high for six hours.  It was incredibly difficult for me to not open the lid the entire time.  Next time I’ll have to try cooking something overnight so my impatience doesn’t get the best of me, but somehow I managed to wait.  Finally on the sixth hour I opened the crock and it smelled amazing.  The end result also tasted great.  I had a ton of leftovers which I took to work for about a week.

This chili was extremely easy to make, not to mention it was super cheap considering how many meals I got out of it.  I’m not sure I have the confidence to make the burrito bowls yet, but I’m well on my way!

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